Your Nomination Matters!

So you know a teacher who is devoted and deserves recognition across the nation and you are excited to bring in the news to them. This is your time to help your teacher or colleague teacher to know about this opportunity. You can nominate them and let them be a part of this opportunity!
Why nominate a teacher?
Nominating a teacher has an astronomical impact on their motivation and enthusiasm that would not only inspire them but the next generation of teachers.
Who may be nominated?
Nomination is open to all the teachers teaching English as a second language in primary, secondary or higher education sectors. You may also wish to nominate any teacher who is involved in preparing students for international English exams. This is a gateway for all teachers to be recognised, whether they’re working in schools in large cities or small and remote villages.
Who can nominate?
1-The school/institution can nominate as many as teachers they want. 2-Teachers are equally welcomed to nominate their deserving fellow teachers. 3-Students who wish to appreciate their teacher and want them to be honorees.

Nomination Process

1- It is mandatory to provide nominated teacher’s Name, Email ID and Mobile Number
2- Initially it will show forms for 5 teachers. You can add more teachers after sending 5.
3- Teacher who will be nominated would receive a “You’ve Been Honored” email. This is how ICD honors teachers. The email will include your answer to the “why is this teacher the most deserving?”
4- After school nominates the teachers, they are required to register themselves and fill in the application form.

What happens if my teacher is selected and awarded?

You get a chance to participate in a photo shoot with a professional photographer and your photos will be featured on our website and social media. You would also be invited in our Teacher Award Ceremony. Also, your teacher will receive a well-deserved cash award!
We are here to help you in nomination process, if you have any queries please get in touch, email us at


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